As the weekend sets in, the things that matter most to each one of us are magnified.  For most, it is relegated to the famous Sunday Lunch when we have time to reflect on many things….for others we are constantly reminded of what it is – The Family. Albeit the saddest thing in life is awakening to this reality when it is too late. Who am I? A Mother and a girlfriend – all in one to my daughter.

My days start at 04: 30 am each morning with routine school and work preparations  and ending anywhere between 10 pm and 2 am each night making me look forward to the weekend with glee.  The weekend, however, comes with its own ideas I have come to learn. Believe me, they are calorie consuming so if we had the weekend all year round – the gyms would be out of business in no time. We would all be healthy, vibrant and without cholesterol.

In her last holiday my daughter reminded me that it had been a while since we had dinner out of home together by design. So I took up her challenge and promised that we would do this on Saturday at 6: 30pm. I was the fall person in this discussion unknown to me. No sooner were the words out of my mouth than all her friends had gotten an open invitation to dinner by her mum. How did I find out???? Her friends’ mums calling me to confirm the dinner leaving me agape.

I am certain I am going to have the time of my life with both her and her friends so I have no regrets on that one. Did she have to pull the plug for me to realise how much this meant to her?

On the other hand like spouses and life partners, you are guaranteed to learn something new each day about children. They are as dynamic as the web – changing every minute and the manual that applied to me back in the day needs to be updated. It is not what kids are reading from today.

Let me get on with my preparations for dinner tonight, don’t want to miss this for anything.

Later, my dear friends………

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