“Pay-the-piper” Week

Towards the end of  last week; I wouldn’t have been convinced that life could have looked any brighter having been given a second chance at life. I was getting back on track with a lot of things that had fallen by the wayside while I was away on a commercial break on a hospital bed. Alas, I guess I had laughed and spoken too fast and the “never welcome” toothache came to remind me of my mortality.

Friday night was relatively okay, Saturday was fantastic as I managed to do most of my domestic chores and catch up with a couple of friends that came to visit at home then came Sunday and tagging along my harsh reality check. The excruciating pain drove me to heights I hadn’t imagined before, the inability to sleep and the pace at which I gulped the different categories of pain killers would have made even the most suicide prone victim shy. That, though, didn’t spare me the most sleepless night of my life.

At the crack of dawn, I started on the long hunt for my dentist only to discover that she was unavailable till 10:00am. Having been awake for 40 consecutive hours, I was not taking that lying down. I ran back to the loving arms of my former dentist who I now believe was just waiting to teach me a lesson on loyalty. Truth be told, I was in a dicey situation with a possibility of losing 4 teeth at ago. Reason? My last dentist took me through a root canal treatment for an infection. Root canal treatments are for cavities and not infections. What this did (I discovered that day) was only accentuate the problem hence my acute infection risking another 2 teeth. The only possible solution was an extraction of the problem tooth, urgghhh! Better one than four; so I embraced this punishment with open arms.

The last time I had an extraction was well over 20 years ago (wow, I sound OLD) and sad to say but the pain had escaped my memory bank. When injection no. 4 was administered, I for a moment felt like a little baby but quickly reminded myself there was no turning back on this one. I endured the 6 injections and went through with the extraction. Moral of the story; never let a bad tooth situation get out of hand – it will always come back to bite you. I also made it a personal mission to establish how many dentists actually have more than 20 good friends around them.

No sooner was I out of there than the blast on Moi Avenue went off and I concluded that this week so totally needed Matyrs’ day to close it(!) Aah, and this was only Monday… As the rest of the week unfolds, I look forward to a brighter tomorrow knowing that there is more love within me to give and more out there for me to experience and I can’t wait to do just that!

2 thoughts on ““Pay-the-piper” Week

  1. Interesting blog – I know why the dentist would do a root canal for an infection. More money is there to be made with a root canal but at the expense of you the client!! So sorry! When can we start the program of w….. l..?


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