The Last Few Months, a journey worth taking

I have come to the grave realization that you can never underestimate the power of karma, “the secret” or the wisdom in the Bible, “don’t be deceived, you reap what you sow” Call it what you may but it is all true.

Having been incensed by a number of things happening within and around me both as a person and my macro environment, I wasn’t quite sure where to start from. So I purposed to begin with an appreciation of all that has happened since we last talked.

First of all my daughter tuned 6, Kiprotich brought us the first Gold medal after a drought of 40 years (!) Uganda turned 50 amazingly golden years, Umeme issued an IPO, Bujagali was officially commissioned giving us the extra very much needed extra 250MW and my hope was renewed in the government’s seriousness to have the power supply issues addressed thus propelling this country to its next levels of economic growth. And most recently, my brother made us proud – got married to his longtime girlfriend, beautiful bride and I wish them the very best.

As with all good things comes inspiration and I picked some new lessons but the most resounding for me was; LIFE is difficult, DEAL with it. Take it by the horns or it will take you by the horns and we all don’t want to see your internal organs so don’t let LIFE gore you. This lesson applies in ALL situations. The beauty of life or the difference between the living and the dead is that the living will daily welcome the challenges that come their way ready to triumph and the dead, well they are just dead…which is why I will take time off each night determined to define a worthy legacy for my daughter and my nephews and nieces.

That brings me to my second realization; the END doesn’t always justify the means. Means that have to be justified by the END are expensive in the long run. I am one of those that believed that “the end always justifies the means.”  These expenses are mainly emotional but can be translated into relatable finances. We live in a highly emotive world and therefore acrimonious relations should not be our definitive character. Interestingly some that have purposed to defy the odds have oft times turned out exceptional and role models to the Society models of Propriety. As a parent, this leaves me at cross roads a lot of the time when the norms of career pursuit are being challenged by the ever so engaging Generation Y & Z! The beauty of the Internet, we don’t have to be solo in our misery! I thank GOD even more for advanced communication tools like cell phones, social media, Google, etc; within a few minutes of engaging different search engines, you will find many more like you and voila! Your journey to acceptance and progress begins.

There is NO sole teacher of life’s lessons; these lessons come at us from all corners and all age groups including our own children who continuously drive us to our knees for guidance on how to steer them through the correct path in life. One of my most frightening moments in parenthood was when I first realized I was one of the key determinants in how my daughter perceived life. On many occasions my daughter has innocently remarked about a thing or two that were happening and she gave me her view on how things should be. That left me baffled purely because I hadn’t seen it coming as I had already judged her based on her age.

Inter and cross cultural people management is no mean feat. How else would you explain the rapid graying of all Heads of State as soon as they assume office right from the White House (USA) to State House (UG)? Clearly leadership is not for the faint heartened and I sincerely hope that these leadership roles come with heavy life insurance policies for their dependents should they come to be no more. They do after all provide a service for all of us. That said, I wish all our new Ministers an amazing term in office and may their terms be defined by productivity and unrivaled results. Remember Cabinet reshuffles happen all the time and once could also happen between now and Tuesday so preserve your position in the LORD after all, all authority is God-given and must therefore be respected. As for the not so well-wishers, let us support them to deliver and hope for the best until the next reshuffle.

Au revoir~~~~~

3 thoughts on “The Last Few Months, a journey worth taking

  1. Thanks for changing the background…I cld not read with the last one…! Life is difficult…I do not agree…Life poses challenges…one should prepare adequately to deal with those challenges…I agree with you, the ends never justifies the means…what I know is that perseverance builds one to be able to stay the course.


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