Nyamurungi and the Kampala COVID-19 Lockdown

Once, there lived a vigilant and youthful village belle called Nyamurungi in a small village called Kikagati. Nyamurungi was an eldest child in a family of 8 children, extended family not to mention. It was the obvious joy of the entire clan that she found herself emoyed in the big city, Kampala earning a hefty pay (by village standards at least).

Nyamurungi and the Kampala lockdown

One day her people were informed that a strange disease has besieged the city and were advised that there could be no movements… Nyamurungi their daughter was affected by the order and would be unable to be with them until public movement was eased. She had to start managing her unexpected costs in the city and responsibilities back home and taking tough decisions to stay alive. Unknown to many, she was a bread earner in the immediate family of 10 and she kept thinking to herself as she listened to the regular addresses from the Ministry of Health and the TaskForce communication. Some of this included asking all employees to contribute Ugs 10,000 per month for 3 months to a cause managed by billionaires….

As she listened, she wondered to herself, “So besides being unlocked (the fundraisers) now, they don’t want to sweat but would rather that they make it mandatory for us to pay more towards a cause for which they are yet to account thus far, 2 months later‼️

Many companies are laying off people and others are suffering paycuts within the companies considered big but you still ask for money from them‼️

Some of these people have dependants in the village with no access to medical supplies unless express permission (a nightmare by the way) is given and as such the costs of getting these supplies has been compounded, and yet you unashamedly ask them for even more money‼️

Others have watched painfully albeit while their lives ground to a halt and for others, progress escalated but they still hoped to pick the pieces after the lockdown but you claim you want more money from where? The ones seated home‼️

They asked for a partial release of their NSSF savings to help them get by, they are treated with dead silence and a speculation that some others being handsomely paid to be silent about the matter‼️

You have borrowed from the IMF and whoever else could lend to get us through this period… We haven’t even seen the 6kgs of posho and 3kgs of beans get to the grassroots ‼️ then you ask the grassroots for 10k?!”

As she pondered over these matters, she remembered that these very people had access to information but if they did, and based their decisions based on the data …. T he 1.5million salaried employees (if they existed) had salary loans that continued to suffer monthly deductions even when they were locked down at home… Some had lost their jobs and yet another came and claimed they needed another Ugs10, 000/= each month from them?!‼️‼️‼️‼️

“Let’s commit it all to God,” she said to her self as she lay down to sleep

Nyamurungi prayed fervently for her land and country as she lay down to sleep….. That the decision makers would encounter God and be saved the shame of Hell…. That they would love again and connect with their people.


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